5 Things to Avoid Today

I work too much. It's not backbreaking labor but full-time journalism and part-time authoring can, at times, become rather tedious and mind-numbing. When I'm not writing for, editing, and doing graphic design on the print + digital community newspaper I co-founded 10 years ago—thank-you very much—I'm reading books and literary magazines and MAD Magazine and …

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Where are Hollywood’s most infamous killers now?

I've done enough complaining about the writing life lately. So, here's a piece I wrote seven or eight years ago and then promptly buried out beyond the septic field. It's utter nonsense but maybe a little bit funny ... and a whole lot stupid. They slash, they stab, they saw, they are all-around inconsiderate to …

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I’m offended you’re offended … and then some

At first I was offended ... and then I was offended you're offended ... but now I'm offended you're offended I'm offended. Lemme explain. I don't buy into this whole tuna noodle casserole that there was a time when people—Americans in the particular, because I've never lived in Lithuania or Abu Dhabi or Swaziland and …

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My problem with problematic

When it comes to arts and entertainment, creators are a veritable smorgasbord of dysfunction, nastiness, addiction, profanity, and unreasonable hatred. If you decide that you can only read books, listen to music, watch movies, and view paintings by wholesome gals and guys with outstanding character—about happy shiny topics—that's your right, but if you're looking for …

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The Writer’s Vision for 2019 – by C.S. Lakin…

Last year was my most productive. But, I’d like to double the output this year. And that will require some serious planning. Gulp!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

On Live Write Thrive:

As 2018 winds up, I’m revisiting an in-depth look at strategic planning for writers that I published six years ago. It’s all still perfectly relevant. In last week’s post, I introduced the four things we need to look at when planning our writing careers: vision, strategy, tactics, and action. Rather than have a nebulous idea of what we want to achieve as writers, it’s helpful and wise to think about the goals we want to reach.

Then we want to take our vague vision and form it into something not only specific but laid out with reasonable milestones to reach at certain steps along the way.

By transforming our vision into doable steps, we can measure our success, reevaluate the milestones and goals as we go along, and hone that vision into a reality with its resultant rewards.

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Such Healthy Brutes

This excerpt from the unpublished Literary Thriller novel Such Healthy Brutes features the first chapter of the book wherein main character Charlie Foote—a down-and-out reporter suffering from PTSD and cocaine psychosis-induced hallucinations—takes a job as communications director for an Independent Presidential candidate who is both gay and Muslim in an America overrun by bigotry and …

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My little douche coupé

Does every man of waning erection, faltering hairline, wandering desire, frustration of situation and yearning for antithesis of his immediate reality seek the masculine auspices of the penile-enhancing, slimming, young-i-fying V-8 engines of high-priced European sports cars? The answer is “yes.” The perks of buying a shiny new European sports car include: You will have …

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