‘Frickin 40’ middle age humor book selections take state press award

FRICKIN 40 DARK BLUE - webI published three selections from “Frickin 40: Funny Stories About Middle Age” in the Boyne City Gazette newspaper under my “Don’t Get Me Wrong” column last year and it looks like I won Best Column in the Michigan Press Association Better Newspaper Contest for a Class D Publication in 2015. I would have preferred Newspaper of the Year but I’ll take it.

Judge comments:

“Very well written, point is clearly stated. Particularly enjoyed the ending, with concise questions posed rapid-fire style—it was VERY effective. The clarity of the writing impressed me a lot.”

“There were some entries that clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest, writers whose columns went beyond simply providing information. I gravitated toward those pieces that were particularly evocative, writers who wrote with emotion.”

You will note that he said nothing of how hilarious the selections were. I give you the Donald J. Trump Seal of Truthiness that the book is hi-larious. (100% imitation humor. Contains no actual hi-lariousness.)


Get your own copy of Benjamin J. Gohs’ new-ish true-ish humor-ish book here: MAGICAL LINK

Spit it out, junior

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