5 Things to Avoid Today

I work too much.

It’s not backbreaking labor but full-time journalism and part-time authoring can, at times, become rather tedious and mind-numbing.

When I’m not writing for, editing, and doing graphic design on the print + digital community newspaper I co-founded 10 years ago—thank-you very much—I’m reading books and literary magazines and MAD Magazine and blogs … and writing books and short stories and poetry and journal entries and fine blog posts such as this.

That’s not meant to be a humblebrag. I, too, find this obsession some (most) people have with bragging about how many hours they worked to be a bit gauche.

In fact, “Humblebrag” is one of my 5 Things To Avoid Today.

What’s that?

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One of my favorite lines about working hard comes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when the daughter Audrey says the following about Clark Griswold’s having put up the Christmas decorations:

Audrey: “He worked really hard, grandma.”
Grandpa: “So do washing machines.”

No, the bent of my workaholic lament this morning is to announce my new micro hobby—is that a thing? I love lists and marginalia and fun facts and factoids and not-so-fun-facts.

And, in the interest of taking a few minutes each day to do something just for fun—my pathological Skyrim habit notwithstanding—I’ve begun this week to every day post a fun little feature on Twitter I’ve dubbed “5 Things to Avoid Today.”

Look for the hashtag #5ToAvoidToday

My first 5 Things to Avoid Today was on Monday Jan. 14:

Things to Avoid Today:

  1. People who quote themselves
  2. Hot sauce in hangnails
  3. Suspiciously warm toilet seats
  4. Ill-fitting socks
  5. Guys who still do the Budweiser “wassup!”

If anyone has any suggestions on things that should be avoided—annoyances, gripes, griefs, pet peeves—feel free to share and I’ll be sure to steal them for a future 5 Things to Avoid Today … with proper credit of course.

Hey! I guess “working too hard” will have to be on a future 5 Things to Avoid Today.