About the bulgy eye … don’t ask. He’s more than a little sensitive.

Benjamin’s first taste of artistic rejection came in 1986 at age 11 when he lost the school poetry contest. Apparently, rhyming honey with money wasn’t a genius move after all. He would not write again until 1998, when he began penning a super-secret memoir—which will never see daylight—about his crazy family. After that, he took to writing about himself in the third person because it was cheaper than buying a top hat and monocle.

2003, Benjamin took up freelance writing for a handful of newspapers, magazines, and websites. Mostly, he wrote stories on restaurants and gardens and weddings and other topics no one is remotely interested in reading about.

2005, Benjamin was hired as a general news reporter for the Charlevoix Courier weekly newspaper—Take that, sixth-grade poetry snobs!

2008, he was named Editor of the Charlevoix Courier … and not at all because he had photographs of someone important doing unnatural things with a possum.

2010, Benjamin left the Charlevoix Courier to publish a short-run (read failed) men’s humor magazine.

Since then, Benjamin has been a wage slave editor and co-operator of the Boyne City Gazette weekly newspaper—now in its 10th year.

In addition to winning a number of Michigan Press Association Awards for news writing, design, and essays, Benjamin was a Finalist for the 2018 Iowa Review Award for Creative Nonfiction.

Benjamin is currently working on his fourth (unpublished) novel and soon hopes to find literary representation for them … so he may someday afford a top hat and monocle.

He lives in Lansing, Mich., with his very patient wife Phoebe, and two spoiled dogs—Tolstoy and Maisy.