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Frickin 40: Funny Stories About Middle Age

FRICKIN 40 DARK BLUE - webFrickin 40 is Benjamin J. Gohs’ second collection of mostly true humor essays. Like his first book “I’m So Great & Other Delusions” Frickin 40 chronicles Benjamin’s struggles with seemingly ordinary tasks in a relatively average American sitcom family that includes a smarter-than-your-average-husband professional educator wife, two college-age children—one of whom works for the family newspaper business—and three special needs dogs.Where Frickin 40 deviates from your average “isn’t-middle-age-scary-and-wacky” book of cliches begins on page one with his 40th birthday week that consists of flesh-eating bacteria, the purchase of an assault rifle, a drinking binge and a heartwarming dysfunctional family moment.

From there, Frickin 40 only gets weirder—and funnier—as Benjamin discusses his hatred of oatmeal, yoga escapades, a psychic premonition concerning the date of his death, a trained attack hippopotamus named “Steve,” planning the perfect murder, and so much more strange and hilarious stuff you’ll just have to read the book to discover … and then try to forget.

Frickin 40 is the anxiety-riddled hilarity you need!

Planning the perfect murder, exposing the truth about oatmeal, inventing new yoga moves, and freeing all of mankind in the year 2029 with a hippopotamus named “Steve” may not be the stuff of most midlife crises … but it’s the ridiculous (mostly) reality for one 39-and-a-half-year-old Northern Michigan hypochondriac.

Frickin 40 consists of 28 nonfiction humor essays (55,000 words) about a small-town newspaper editor with two college-age children, a demanding wife, three special needs dogs, an unhealthy addiction to cherry whiskey and Taco Bell, and the worst case of anxiety two of his shrinks have ever seen.

“Will I slip in the shower and break my neck?” “Is today the day I’ll be allergic to peanuts?” “Is my wife a member of the Taliban?” “Will Penn & Teller be available for the half-time show at my funeral?”

These are just some of the bizarre and humorous thoughts that break-dance their way through Benjamin Gohs’ brain on a daily basis.

This book about the terror of turning 40 will resonate with anyone nearing, enduring or having survived middle age, while its unique approach to serious subjects like parenting your parents, maintaining a marriage, and changing careers will keep people laughing, page after page.

I’m So Great & Other Delusions

I'm So Great - book cover art for kindle“I’m So Great: And Other Delusions of a libertarian, socialist, vegetarian, Buddhist, gun-toting, pacifist, capitalist, hypochondriac shut-in” is a book of true humor stories covering topics from murder and bumblebees to moonshine and mayhem.

“I’m So Great & other delusions of a libertarian, socialist, vegetarian, Buddhist, gun-toting, pacifist, capitalist, hypochondriac shut-in” is a collection of true humor stories ranging in topics from battling bumblebees over a hillbilly hot tub, and cooking dinner for bikers on a car engine, to skinning roadkill, and rushing–with ripped pants and no underwear–to a murder scene.

“I’m So Great” chronicles the difficulties faced by cowardly Generation X buffoon Benjamin J. Gohs as he attempts to perform the seemingly pedestrian–and sometimes strange–with high anxiety, self-deprecation and a vaudevillian penchant for bad luck.

This collection of more than 50 humorous and true short stories originally appeared, individually, in various publications—including the Charlevoix Courier, Petoskey News-Review, Boyne City Gazette and Modern Caveman Magazine—over the course of nine years.

As many as 20,000 people each week have been exposed to the print editions of these comedic shorts, with an untold number of radio listeners hearing the stories recounted on air during weekly appearances on Northern Michigan’s most popular AM/FM talk radio program The Vic McCarty Show.

The stories in “I’m So Great” are perfect quick reads for trips to the bathroom, surviving the wait in the doctor’s office or just having a laugh with your morning coffee.

Editor’s Note: The publisher has authorized Benjamin to cook breakfast in bed for anyone who does not enjoy “I’m So Great.” However, it will have to be in his bed because Benjamin does not travel. And no weird stuff; just toast, juice, soysage and two eggs your way.

and eventually … death

eventually death cover art
Click on this cover image to read the book!

This black and white e-book is reminiscent in dark humor to Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies. “and eventually … death” is based off the classic ABC books for children but with a sad, frightening and realistic spin that will have you nodding your head in agreement and laughing along with verses like, “A is for Alcohol, to get through the Day. B is for bills, you pay and you pay.” Give this picture book a quick read, laugh and then please share it with your middle-aged friends.


Get your signed copies of Ben’s books

While he is puzzled as to why anyone would want his obscure and barely legible signature on a book, people do sometimes request this.

Signed books cost $14.95 plus $6.05 for shipping & packaging [That’s to have them shipped to Ben for signing and then shipping them to you. We’re not making a profit off the shipping.]

The total cost is $21 per signed book.

Be sure to indicate which book you want: I’m So Great & Other Delusions or Frickin 40: Funny Stories About Middle Age


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