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If you would like to read “I’m So Great & Other Delusions” in order to review it for or your own book review site or publication, a free copy will be provided to you. E-mail Benjamin at and request a review copy. Be sure to include your name, where you plan to review the book, and mailing address, and a book will be shipped to you shortly thereafter.

Reviews for “I’m So Great”


By Don Holley (the guy who wrote National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1) on Feb. 11, 2015 — Once in a lifetime a comedic mind so blindingly bright, so incandescently brilliant, appears like an exploding supernova and shines down on the world, burning it’s eternal imprimatur upon all of mankind. That mind of course belonged to the great Robin Williams. Making a respectable attempt is this guy, Benjamin J. Gohs, who insists on including his middle initial for some reason, as if to distinguish himself from all the other authors named Benjamin Gohs. His book of humorous essays, “I’m So Great, & Other Delusions of Libertarian, Socialist, Vegetarian, Buddhist, Gun-Toting, Pacifist, Capitalist, Hypochondriac Shut-in,” is extremely witty and a quick read (it helps that the chapters are short). Capturing what is apparently the North Michigan zeitgeist, Gohs knows how to turn a deft Midwestern phrase with tongue firmly in cheek (at least I hope that’s where it is). Both self-deprecating and hysterically insulting, he spares no one – including himself – in this whimsical memoir of unlikely-but-apparently-true anecdotes. In the category of literary humor it vies with the works of established contemporary humorists, and is a strongly- recommended read.

Must Read!

By Rachel Evanson on March 25, 2015 — A must read book. Had me laughing from cover to cover. Made me feel better about my poor upbringing. My Wife wants to meet the man that was able to get me to read and finish a book since grade school. Very, very funny man.

Great gift idea

By Steve on Sept. 13, 2013 — This guy is laugh out loud funny! I have been a fan of Ben’s newspaper humor column for many years! The book is even better. He is one very funny guy. As one who has attempted and failed at writing humor I appreciate how tough it is. FUNNY – a great gift idea.

Couldn’t put it down

By Joe Morris on Sept. 15, 2013 — I couldn’t put this book down or stop laughing while I read about Ben’s life experiences, all which he claims are true. The stories are short but funny, and are so varied nobody will be disappointed.

5 stars

By Ann on Sept. 13, 2013 — This is one of the funniest and most heartwarming books I’ve ever read. It made me both laugh and cry because I know exactly where this author comes from. Benjamin J. Gohs writes like an old soul.

That book you never heard of

By Dan on August 14, 2013 — You know that book you never heard of at a friends house, start reading, and then say “Hey, I’m going to borrow this.”? Well, now you can be the friend with the cool book. This collection of shorts is a fun read that paints a great picture of life in Michigan. Hunting, Road-killing, Drinking, Fudging, Skinning, Writing, Marriage, Kids, Vacations, Success, Failure, and the oft hilarious-in-hindsight struggle in every one of those topics is covered. …but wait, there’s even more. Benjamin J. Gohs peppers what might be a mundane story about buying a new stove or selling vacuums with so much hyperbole and allegory that each tale of life’s little annoyances becomes a near-epic triumph (or tragedy) of America’s working-class-everyman. I’m So Great is a welcome addition to any cabin bookshelf, toilet tank-lid basket, or Library of Congress.

A good laugh

By Justin on August 5, 2013 — A great read! This collection of short stories from the authors life had me laughing from cover to cover. Definitely worth the purchase.


By Mike on July 25, 2013 — I loved it! This book was hilarious, and had me laughing so hard that my girlfriend came into the room to see what was so funny. This book is packed full of short stories, all funny in their own way and there is enough unique subject matter covered that there will be something for anyone (mortgages, hunting, installing a hot tub, etc.) I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Funny Collection of Short Stories

By Sara Sampson on September 13, 2013 — I laughed out loud with this book. I loved the short story format and the unique topics. I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who wants a good read!

Couldn’t put it down

By Ervin (undated) — Got your book yesterday and damn near missed lodge. Couldn’t put it down. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Not sure where to draw the line between honesty and lies but it is FANTASTIC reading. Thank-you so much for sending it to me. EDITOR’S NOTE: “I’m So Great” is a book of absolutely true humorous stories. His mother swears he wasn’t born on the back of a donkey but that’s not how he remembers it.


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